Daily SOAP – May 23rd

Scriptures: Matthew 14 & 1Thessalonians 4


Matthew 14

vs 13- Jesus went off by himself. Do we ever find time at solitude?

vs 14- Jesus had compassion on them. Do I look out at the people I see everyday or everywhere I go and see them thru compassionate eyes?

vs 13-33- These verses are all about the size of our fifth. Can Jesus feed 5,000 men (more like 15,ooo+ when you include women to children) with nothing but a boys sack lunch? Could it be that Jesus was walking across the sea of Galilee? Everything up to this point in what the disciples had seen in Jesus ministry says yes, so why didn’t they step out in faith and believe?

I Thessalonians 4

vs 1-They received from Paul and his companions how to walk and please God and they continue to urge them to do it no more b mon.

Paul gives some instructions

vs 2- Abstain forth from sexual i morality, control you body in holiness & honor. We are no longer a part of the world that we should act like them.

Vs 7-God has called us to a life of holiness

vs 9-they had been taught by God to show brotherly love and Paul urges them again to do it all the more. And to live quietly, mind to their own affairs, and to work hard with their own hands.

The Second Coming of Christ

vs 13- This verse to me is not saying don’t mourn but don’t mourn as though that is the end of their life, especially for those who are believes. Ultimately our goal is to be with God notlive forever on this broken world.


Why don’t I step out in faith more often off after all I’ve seen Jesus do in my life?

Am I looking for ways to step out in faith everyday?

How can I ask others to step out in faith if I’m not modeling it for them as a leaders.


Mark 9:24, “I believe; help my unbelief!”