About Me

bolesfamFor those interested in who I am. My name is Ben Boles. I’m a husband, father of 2, son, brother, grandchild, in-law, activist and Christ-follower trying to make this life mean something. I dig hanging out with my family, youth ministry, coffee, reading, graphic design, all things Apple, most types of music, buffalo wings, and like most guys sports.

I graduated early from High School feeling the call of God to go college and begin my journey as minister of the Gospel. I spent those years soaking up all I could from the professors and staff and building a foundation for what God has lead me through in my experiences in life, marriage and ministry. One of the coolest parts of my college experience was learning NT Greek, I have seen God’s word jump off the pages of the bible with the ability to look at the original words, meanings and contexts used in communicating God’s plan of freedom and redemption for all man kind.

Serving God for the last 14 years as a youth minister in churches in Florida, Georgia and Ohio has lead to many great opportunities. I have had the privilege to help students fall in love with God, disciple them through helping them see the importance connecting with Him daily and set the example as a servant through working in the community and on missions trips to Haiti. I’ve worked along side Elders and Lead Ministers and dreamed about what the church could be, planned ways to have a greater impact on our communities, and used technology to better communicate the mission of the church. I love working with people and seeing them realize how God wants to use them to impact this world and helping those far from God come back to the wide open arms of the Father.

My personal mission in life is to work out with God’s help my favorite saying from Bono, “Rage against your own indifference.”