Student Ministry Fall Teaching Schedule

After reading a post in youth ministry group I’m a part of about fall planning and Dan’s teaching scope sand sequence I got my act together, prayed, brainstormed, chewed on and finally finished the fall teaching schedule for our student ministry.

As I worked through his scope and sequence I saw great wisdom in the pieces he choose to use. As I began to think through how it would work in our context here and what we are trying to accomplish I broke it down and decided to use his chunks as building blocks and themes. Dan broke his scope and sequence down into 3 years among two programs and for the most part I followed his lead.

Basic Beliefs (BB1) – Who is God, Jesus, Holy Spirit (etc)

Basics of Christianity (BoC) – spiritual disciplines, theological language (salvation, sanctification, reconciliation, hope, faith (etc)), Background questions – understanding of the tough questions of life

Basics of the Bible (BB2) – how to study the bible, law and the prophets, wisdom literature, life of Christ, Early church and the Epistles

God in you (God NU) – your relationship with God, relationships with others, being young and unashamed, emotions, speech, temptations

God in life (God NL) – faith, wisdom and knowledge, choices and decisions, dating and purity, gossip and drama, materialism and consumerism, emotions and depression, right priorities, true identity

God in the world (God NtW) – we are missionaries, purpose, family, evangelism, world issues, missions, service

I am deeply indebted to Dan for the time and energy he put into his scope and sequence and like him want to share my fall teaching schedule to hopefully benefit others who might find it useful.

Download the Fall 2012 Teaching Schedule



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    Dude, I love this. I have our basic schedule down but I love abbreviations and how you went through and made sure to know what your covering, want to steal that for our calendar haha.

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    Ben- Great stuff! I am SO glad my stuff gave you something to jump off of. You schedule and sequence is outstanding. Really privileged to be mentioned!

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